Funnel Management

Design event funnels for custom events.

The funnel management is linked to the event details function. Only the event-tag configured in the funnel management will appear in the event details.**

Design Funnels

Name: You can design funnel name arbitrarily

Channel: The default is all for all channels. If a channel is specified, modify it to the value of store in the uploaded data.

Conversion cycle: Daily and Once. Daily means daily statistical calculations; Once means statistical data after filling and modifying funnels on the day.

To avoid computational waste, only 5 funnels can now be set, with a maximum of 10 steps per funnel. Please contact us if there is a need for expansion.

Funnel Steps

Select the event-tag-status-qualification of each step according to the design.

Event-tag: information in event list

Status: four interfaces corresponding to custom events: start, success, failure, and cancel.

Qualification: equal, not equal, greater than, less than, interval - different condition options for different data types.

Funnel Display

Click the funnel name to enter the funnel statistics display page.

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